Posted by Brian Hough

Robbie, Tim and Matt


Last night was our MPC & RUF Fall Get Together. Travis smoked some very tender pork and sausage. Matt brought his possibly secret recipe for Cauliflower Mac & Cheese. It was a great time to spend time with each other and to meet a few neighbors. Above are Tim, Matt and Robbie who it was great to see.

Joe with cup balancing on head.

“Hipster BBQ” Pandora station provided the background music. Yes, that is a real station.

Extreme Hammocking


Matt, Heidi, Damian and Ubuntu

Small town living


Kaitlyn & Nicola

Lindsay, Laura and Danielle (and Everett)

Demon eyes


We used the fire pit in our backyard for the first time last night. It really fun to roast Marsh mellows over the flame.

We partied into the night. #covenantfamily


Here you can see Lucy enjoying the ball of fire while Beckham panics a little.

I love the joy of flaming marshmallows as a child.



Jon, Sarah, Sam, Rudy and Mich


Mich was building the Bocee Ball holder while the party went on behind him. Jack looking on here cracks me up.


Covenant Children enjoying the little table.


I had no idea Joe could do this. He stepped away for a phone call and stood there talking while his cup balanced on his head. How he can stay so level headed in that situation is beyond me.


Jon & I finally found some affordable office space

It even has electricity


Connor Lutz was up during the day and helped me borrow tables and chairs from the Mennonite Church, he had to ride in back since the door wouldn’t close. He also did a flip off our house which you can see here.


Thanks to all who came, ate and made the whole experience great.