Posted by Brian Hough

We are now meeting for worship twice a month and for Parish Groups (Small Groups) the other Sundays. I took a few photos today because it was our baptism and it’s just great to get everyone together. Below is Mich working on the sign while the Baptistry sits on the porch.

The table is set to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Matt came early to get everything ready.

Julia was singing and Andria plays guitar for the service. Our kids come early too so they got to hangout with “the college girls”

I confess I told them I’d be taking a picture in five seconds and began a countdown. That was all the time they needed.

Before the service starts it’s great to see people talking, sharing about their week and welcoming new faces.

You can kinda see a wide angle shot of things as we prepare to start.

Travis assisted in worship today, I’m loving the boots and robe look.

Afterwards Travis stole the Baptistry.

Here is a shot of our first Baptism, it was also the first baptism I’ve ever done. That baptistry is from Redeemer, Harriet Reymond was there and this was the Baptistry used at her baptism 20 years ago.

This is from music practice on Saturday.

The morning light looks really cool on our musicians while the practice this AM. #mhk #churchmusic