Serving the Community

We’ve always wanted to be a church that was truly a blessing to the community. As we prayed and thought about what that looks like we came to the conclusion that the best way we could do that was not to start a new ministry with our name on it, but to help equip each other to serve with the existing ministries in the community.

Manhattan has a number of ministries that do a great job meeting the needs of the community whether it be an unexpected pregnancy or hunger or foster care or housing or many other needs. So we will provide information about what places and times you can be a blessing to our community by serving alongside others in our community seeking to meet the needs of others. Think Philippians 2:3, “in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”

By serving with the community we get to be a gospel presence to those we serve and to those we serve along side, we bless the community and we don’t waste our efforts or spend unneeded resources on overhead.

Look for organized ways to serve which we will communicate on Sundays and in our weekly emails and our website calendar. If you’re interested in something specific get it organized and let us know how we can help you get the word out.