10:00 AM


We desire our worship to be intentional and God-honoring. We begin every service as God calls us to worship, and then we respond and move through the different elements of the service. We sing historic hymns, some remade to new music, but we also love great new songs. We pray and affirm our faith and confess our sins corporately and personally. We hear from God’s Holy Word. We take the Lord’s Supper every week because we believe this is a sign and seal in which Jesus meets with us spiritually in a way we can experience—we see, taste, smell, and touch the communion elements which represent the body and blood of Christ. God sends out on mission with his blessing, called the benediction.

You might be unfamiliar with our style, yet we want to create a hospitable place for you so you can hear from God and draw near to Him. Because Sunday worship is such a vital place for spiritual “re-calibration” through the gospel, we shape a robust service, and we try our best fit it all into 75 minutes or so. 

This week's bulletin can be found on our homepage

There is nursery provided at our Worship services. It's filled with toys and nursery workers who will care for your children while you're worshiping. Children under 4 years are welcome in the nursery, but also always welcome in the service as well. For older children, we provide a children's bulletin and crayons, and for those who can write we have children's sermon note sheet to help them learn to listen during the sermon.